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Baggage Freight works with the world's largest and best courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS. For International Worldwide movements & with TNT, AAE for domestic movements within Australia.

Baggage Freight offers INSTANT online freight quotes and comparisons at your fingertips

Freight Discounts are available and is assessed according to the number of movements & volume required by registered account holders


We Pick Pack Deliver Australia Wide and Overseas

Baggage Freight offers the general public, students, commercial business and Ebay customers a secure and economical freight service sending luggage, excess baggage, boxes and all kinds of freight items Australia wide and over seas.

Baggage Freight offers the following freight services:

Our services also cover furniture removals, postal deliveries and freight distribution and we can send these with air freight, road freight, train freight or sea freight. And if you need them delivered in a hurry, we can send your freight overnight delivery and same day delivery.

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